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About Us

The Johnston County Building Industry Association (JCBIA) is a nonprofit trade association that has been serving Johnston County for 46 years. Our association is comprised of builders, contractors, developers, architects, real estate and insurance agents, mortgage bankers, suppliers of building materials, landscapers, painters, and more. Together, we form a dynamic community dedicated to advancing our industry and serving our members and the public.


At JCBIA, our mission is to create opportunities for our members to expand their network, enhance their professional knowledge, and increase their representation on legislative and regulatory issues. We achieve this through networking events, educational programs, and leadership opportunities.


As our county and association have grown, so too has our commitment to excellence in serving our members and the community. We invite you to join us and become part of the next generation to serve as the voice of the building industry in Johnston County. Together, we can build a better future for our industry and our community.

Mission Statement

The Johnston County Building Industry Association, North Carolina is a non-profit organization that represents the Building Industry through involvement in Government, Education, and Community Development. We strive to be leaders of the community through social and economic development and to be recognized as the voice of the industry.

2024 Officers & Board of Directors



President: Jimmy Stephens                      

1st Vice President: Russell Reeves           

2nd Vice President: Adam Kingsley           

Associate Vice President: Brian Bland      

Secretary: Caroline Corey                           

Treasurer: Bruce Nichols                             

Immediate Past President: Bill Smith        



Mark Descoteaux                                          

Richie Boyd                                                    

Porter Casey                                                  

Joe Fox                                                           

David Leasure                                               

Todd Sloan                                                     

Lisa Galanis                                                   

Heather Hall                                                   

Brandon Hodge         



The Board of Directors is the policy-making body of the Association and is responsible for the business affairs of the corporation. Their Duties, Responsibilities and Authorities are:

  • Establish operating and capital budgets

  • Represent the membership of the Association

  • Understand issues facing the organization

  • Ensure proper use of assets

  • Establish short and long-range goals

  • Establish the policies governing the Association

  • Approve new members

  • Fulfills fiduciary responsibility to the Membership 

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